Metadiscourse and contrastive rhetoric in academic writing evaluation of a small academic corpus

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Deal Article in Applied Circumstance: Metadiscourse in L2 postgraduate writing.


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Interpersonal metadiscourse: an indicator of interaction and identity

Charges and Discussion 4. Finely, the weapons of metatext help writers to avoid the discourse with logically connected counselors. Metadiscourse and Contrastive Rhetoric in Academic Writing: Evaluation of a Small Academic Corpus Article (PDF Available) in Journal of Language Teaching and Research 6(2) · March with.

Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content. Guardar. Contributing to this line of research, this article undertakes a contrastive study investigating the use of metadiscourse in academic writing, focusing on English and Chinese research article (henceforth as RA) introductions.

The present study investigated differences in rhetorical preferences in L2 writings among different L1 groups. This study compared the use of metadiscourse markers in L2 essays and identified discourse devices used to distinguish different L1 groups. The second article “Metadiscourse and Contrastive Rhetoric in Academic Writing: Evaluation of a Small Academic Corpus” written by Jubreel Asghar is devoted to the discussion of the problem of metadiscourse as a way of understanding the interpersonal resources of a writer.

By discussing interpersonal issues, e.g. attitude, appraisal, evaluation, stance and so on, as metadiscourse elements, they accelerated the notion of subjectivity in academic discourse. The interpersonal model of metadiscourse comprises two main types: the interactive and the interactional.

Metadiscourse and contrastive rhetoric in academic writing evaluation of a small academic corpus
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Interpersonal metadiscourse: an indicator of interaction and identity - Reza Abdi,