Internet source cards research paper

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How to Make Source Cards in MLA

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Source cards for research paper

Along is one example with an academic and one without a bad author. Sociofile is another source.

Finding Sources

Home Undergrads Paper Guidelines Using the Internet for Research. Using the Internet for Research The World Wide Web is an extraordinary resource for gaining access to information of all kinds, including historical, and each day a greater number of sources become available online.

The internet should never be your only source when doing. Another reason why Wikipedia should not be cited in an academic research paper is that it aims to be like an encyclopedia–a source of reference information, not scholarly research or primary or secondary sources.

APA Reference Page and Source Card Lesson

Use index cards to make your source cards, or keep a few notebook pages reserved for this information, or make a word processing or database file for them.

If you use index cards, use only one card per source. • Use one index card for each source, and use a special color or size for bibliography cards. • Consult the Bibliography/Works Cited page to be sure you list all the necessary information and punctuate it correctly.

• Write neatly! Taking Notes for Research • Use index cards for taking notes.

How to Make Note Cards for an Internet Source

• Write one idea on each card. • Include: 1. A source card is an index card with a citation on it to a source, such as a newspaper article, book or website.

How to Write a Source Card for an Internet Source

Source cards can be written in a variety of citation styles such as Modern Language. Internet searching has become a primary mode of research for many students, but many students do not know how to properly document an Internet source on note cards so they can later add that source to a bibliography.

When using information from an Internet source, you must properly document that source within your.

Internet source cards research paper
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Making Source Cards- CRLS Research Guide