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Francis Marion

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Research Paper on Francis Marion Francis Marion Research Papers discuss this military leader of the Continental Army, during the Revolutionary War. Pro Basketball. WNBA Coaches, GMs Tab McCowan for Top Pick in Mock Draft. The Associated Press polled a panel of WNBA coaches and general managers for a mock draft of the first round this spring.

Copyright © All Rights Reserved. Download complete CV. For my Hollywood vs. History paper I wanted to go about comparing the main charter Benjamin Martin, who I thought at the time was Francis Marion the Swamp Fox.

Well early in my research I discovered the fact he was not a real person in history in fact he wasn’t a real person at all, but a combination of four real historical people; Francis. Francis Marion Research Paper Essay Sample. Francis Marion was born in Berkeley County, South Carolina in to Gabriel and Esther.


Marion had five siblings – Esther, Isaac, Gabriel, Benjamin, and Job.

Francis marion research paper essay
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Veteran Interviews, Veteran Oral History Program - NY Military Museum and Research Center