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Hattie Ranking: 252 Influences And Effect Sizes Related To Student Achievement

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LIBRARY. Information Reference Service The facilities of the Santa Monica College Library are available to: Students enrolled in.'s weekly/monthly splash page. (Yes, a splash page is old fashioned, but it's been a tradition here since ).

John Hattie developed a way of synthesizing various influences in different meta-analyses according to their effect size (Cohen’s d). In his ground-breaking study “Visible Learning” he ranked influences that are related to learning outcomes from very positive effects to very negative effects.

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Hattie found that the average effect size of all the interventions he studied was LIBRARY. Information Reference Service The facilities of the Santa Monica College Library are available to: Students enrolled in at least one SMC class.

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Hattie's updated effect size list of influences across all areas related to student achievement.

Academic writing tips ppta
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Hattie effect size list - Influences Related To Achievement